Native English speakers : ask questions in English

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    Welcome to the one thread on Le Reboot in which English is spoken, for your convenience.

    Considering you managed to subscribe and got here, it’s safe to assume you probably have quite a good understanding of French. :yes:
    However, you might need to resort to English for questions about the forum, the community, the features, anything you’re struggling with on Le Reboot…

    Here’s the place where you can get answers in English.

    ! A few members on Le Reboot speak English and can help out, but if you want you can poke me (by adding @oranginita to your message) to make sure I see your question.

  • What does HS mean in thread titles?

  • Banned

    @indigo It stands for “hors-sujet”, which means “off topic”.
    I suppose when it comes to thread titles it’s more like “random conversation”.

  • Banned

    If anyone is struggling with abbreviations, acronyms and other slang words we might be using, just ask away, we’re here to help ! 😊
    This one was brought to my attention by @zetajones :
    MP = Message Privé
    (and we use it as a verb too, “je te MP demain” = “I’ll PM you tomorrow”)

  • We could just open a new thread with every acronyms listed, with their meanings. Any staff-internal discussion about a possible English version of this community ? (even if it’s planned for 2030, idk)