Please help me remember this romantic film, I've been looking all night.

  • So, I am not just posting here, literally browsed ALL the romantic movies in imdb, searches keywords in google, nothing. Please help me find it.

    So, it’s a romantic film, features just 2 actors, and it feels independent, 1 camera, black and white.

    A woman visiting her hometown stumbles on to her childhood sweetheart. She’s married and he is kind of the loser type that stayed back. They’re awkward at first and go for a coffee, but then they spend the whole day together, reminiscing, then they go to his place, dance, listen to old recordings, see old pictures etc. So, the whole movie takes place in that day.

    I can go into more details, but I think it will be more confusing. Anyway, please relieve my pain.

  • Animateurs

    @MylesDawson could it be “In search of a midnight kiss?”. The plot doesn’t seem to fit quite well though :hum:

    C’est un film récent?

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